Ope, hey there - I’m Alexandria!


Did you just ope me?! Why of course I did, I’m a goofy, cheese curd loving, doggo mom and Wisconsin Badger at heart. Ive found my home in the Seattle area and travel all over Washington! 

I’ve always been someone who likes to seek out the magic in life and love romanticizing moments. From an early age, I was enthralled by movies and live theatre. The production, the costumes, the acting, the feels --- ooooo it’s something magical every time. I got a film production and acting degree from UW Madison, but later found my passion in taking photos instead. It’s less scripted and more real. And honestly, to me, that is where the magic and inspiration lies. I continuously look for ways to direct and document moments rather than just pose couples. And somethings that are truly magical, well you can't predict those! When I feel your excitement about an idea I have or you trust me with a lighting scenario or I nail a shot or I get that emotion, I get so excited. You know the feeling people get when they go to Disney World? That’s what I feel when I photograph. It’s such an honor to be apart of your story and give you something to treasure for years to come.


Fav Job(s)

My favorite job in college was working for a bicycle tour company! I lived in a tent for the summer, traveled the country, and set up tents/lugged luggage for bikers completing week long rides! My second favorite was when I was a traveling actor for a children's theatre! 

Fun facts about me


Exlamation Point Queen

I may or may not have been told in the past to go through my emails before I send them and cut back on my exclamation points. While I don't write like this: !!!! I do tend to put one after every sentence and will need to go back and tone it down. How else can you tell how excited I am?


Dog Lover

My partner and I have 2 Bernese mountain dogs. While they don't come with me on elopements they love snuggling whomever they meet.


Former Ballroom Dancer

I went to UW-Madison in Wisconsin (go Badgers!) and found my love of dance there. I ended up joining a performance ballroom team and it's where I met my partner! So needless to say, I know how to teach you how to dip, if you want a dip photo :)


Current Obsession: Science Podcasts

I love listening to weird fact science podcasts. Two of my current favorits are "The Weirdest Thing I Learned this Week" from Popular Science and "Science Rules" from Bill Nye. Only downside is my brain doesn't retain the information unless I'm physically doing the fact (activity based brain) but its still fun to learn! Who knew this small town theatre girl who hated science would one day find herself loving it :D 

I photographed a couple who made me realize why I wanted to photograph only Smaller Weddings.

A wedding is more than an event- it’s a culmination of both of your stories and a chance to uniquely celebrate the two of you. At this wedding, I saw so much love and excitement for the couple because they had downsize due to covid. There were hugs and tears everywhere, all day. From getting ready and an emotional family first look, to an intimate twinkle light dinner under the stars. As a photographer, it was so fulfilling to watch these beautiful stories and emotions unfold, get the opportunity to photograph them, and then later share them with the couple so they could experience them too.

Documentary style photography

Connection between People is what Inspires me.

When I photograph a day, I am invested in you and your loved ones. There's a certain beauty in small events - it provides an air of comfort and familiarity between people, so that no one has barriers up. I get to witness all the genuine fun and love that comes from you and your connections. I love being apart of the action and am constantly am looking for little moments between people. I take the time to focus on them because I want to tell your story.

Wedding days tell the story of two people and who they are celebrating with.

A tear when you realize you're marrying the best partner. The laughter of two family members enjoying a memory over a glass of scotch. Action shots of you exploring a hike we found. The touch of hands as the two of you enjoy a first dance. A passionate kiss. The hugs of people who haven't seen each other due to Covid.

I'll document and then direct you if I have an idea for something, but its ultimately a collaboration with you! I want the images I take to really tell the story of your day!

If this resonates with you, reach out! I'd love to meet you!