(Ope, I’m more than a photographer!) 

Hey there - I’m Alexandria!

Did you just ope me?! Why of course I did, because I’m a fun loving, hiking buddy, doggo mom, Wisconsin girl through and through. ;)

Like you, I am frustrated by the battle to appease and do what’s “right” over doing what makes me happy or feels right to me. For our wedding, my partner and I definitely found ourselves saying more times than we could count, “but that’s not us!” We made the brave decision to have our friend marry us, to be outside in nature instead of in a church, to include hiking themes into our day, to invite who we wanted, to drink whiskey, and eat pie instead of cake.

Have you found yourself thinking “traditional weddings are NOT me” and want to make the day special, like we did?

I'm so excited to meet you!


There is a jewish tradition called Yichud, which is 10-20 min of seclusion after the ceremony - this couple wanted a few photos of this alone time and felt comfortable enough with me to let me into this private moment. These photos ended up being some of my favorite photos from the entire day. As a fly on the wall, I watched their connection unfold as they realized they were married - it gave me goosebumps. 

I photographed a couple last year who made me realize why I wanted to photograph only elopements.

Documentary style photography

Connection between People is what Inspires me.

When I photograph a day, I constantly am looking for little moments, and I take the time to focus on them because I want to tell your story. Many times you'll find me smiling or crying behind my camera because I feel these moments. To witness connection between people is so precious and many times it hits me how lucky I am to be given the opportunity to document these precious moments.  

A tear when you realize you're marrying the best partner. The laughter of two family members enjoying a memory over a glass of scotch. Action shots of you exploring a hike we found. The touch of hands as the two of you enjoy a first dance. A passionate kiss. The hugs of people who haven't seen each other for a year due to Covid.

I don't pose heavily. I do have some suggestions for us to have fun, for you to kiss, adventure, snuggle, etc! But I want it to look like you, and I really strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible so we can get the best images. Most of all, lets have fun!! It IS your wedding day for goodness sakes!

Wedding days tell the story of two people and who they are celebrating with.

Your entire day can look like that intimate moment. If you make the brave choice to focus on your love- there's going to be nothing like it. :)

Focusing on love is what makes elopements so wonderful.

Yes, I want that!