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Your way.

I want to plan my elopement with you! 

Your love is unique because love comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors! However, wedding planning typically isn't unique and can be stressful - full of expectations and traditions of things you are “supposed to do” which takes away from what actually represents you and your love.  You deserve an experience that honors you and your partner, no matter what others think.

Hey friends! Want to know a secret? 

There is no right way to get married. 

Big weddings are NOT me. 

The stress of all the outside expectations feels overwhelming.

Certain wedding traditions do not feel right. 

I don’t want to stand up in front of a million people to say my vows. I’m way more comfortable with just each other (or a few special people!) 

It would be so cool to get married while hiking - is that even possible? 

have you ever thought...

What if I told you

You’ll definitely remember your day for the rest of your lives. 

I want to plan my elopement with you! 

you can change all of that and SO much more? 

It is no longer eloping in a courthouse. It's embracing the fact that there is no "one right way" to get married and, instead, an option to create an adventure that's exactly what YOU want to do, and not what you're supposed to do.  You get to figure out exactly what matters to you. Do you want it to just be you two in the mountains? YAS. Do you want it to include your closest family and friends on the beach? FANTASTIC. Do you want to have more of a traditional wedding experience at a cabin in the mountains but invite only 20 people? AMAZING.

You could just go to the courthouse, but I believe you and your partner deserve an epic adventure for your day! So let me ask you, what really matters to you??

What is an elopement?

The definition of an elopement is fluid in my book, which is what makes it so exciting.

When you think about what matters most, it actually opens up so many incredible ways to invest in An                day for yourselves!


find a cool vacation rental invite your closest family & celebrate!

take a long hike, have a picnic, and say your vows in gorgeous scenery!

Book a sailboat, and get married on the freakin' ocean! Maybe the orcas wills say hi!

Ope, I am more than just your photographer. 

I’m a goofy, cheese curd loving, wisco girl at heart and found my home in the mountains of WA. I am also your hiking buddy, photographer, and loyal friend. I'll help you design a wedding day experience that feels like you.

Like you, I am frustrated by the battle to appease and do what’s “right” over doing what makes me happy or feels right to me. For our wedding, my partner and I definitely found ourselves saying more times than we could count, “but that’s not us!” We made the brave decision to have our friend marry us, to be outside in nature instead of in a church, to include hiking themes into our day, to invite who we wanted, to drink whiskey, and eat pie instead of cake.

Have you found yourself dreading the traditional wedding experience and are looking for a way to make your day feel special and unique, like we did?

i want to chat about my day!

Meet Alexandria

how does this work?

It's simple!

I want to create the elopement of my dreams!

We start by getting on the phone to chat about the vision for your day. If it isn't formed yet, that's totally ok - we can talk through ideas together!

Let's Chat!

After we chat, we'll reserve your date! Congrats trailblazer- now it gets fun!

Reserve Your Date



After you reserve your date, I will send you your elopement planning kit, which includes a questionnaire to get to know you and your partner, and an elopement planning guide with tips and tricks so you can create your elopement day. You’ll receive a customized location list and once you’ve chosen the details, I’ll build you a timeline that fits your day!

Planning Begins


I'm here to help you as little or as much as you need!

"With her infectious energy, Alexandria did an amazing job embracing my silliness and using candid moments to take advantage of beautiful photo opportunities. She made me feel incredibly comfortable, confident, and beautiful on and off the camera. She turned an experience that would usually cause some anxiety into an enjoyable, relaxing, and overall fun photo shoot. It is with the HIGHEST recommendation that I recommend Alexandria for your needs!"

- Kristina and Adam

this seems too good to be true...

It’s not, trust me ;) Weddings are supposed to revolve around you as a couple. If you make the brave choice to do exactly what you want to do, you will have the following:

yes, i want that!

   A wedding that feels right.
   A carefully curated day to do exactly what you want to do.
   A stress free day.
   Traditions (if any!) that scream you.
   Comfort: You’ll have an Intimate wedding with only those you want there.
   An awesome backdrop outdoors in nature.

   A wedding that feels right.
   A carefully curated day to do exactly what you want to do.

   Stress free day.

   Traditions (if any!) that scream you.
   Comfortable: You’ll have an Intimate wedding with only those you want there.

   Awesome backdrop outdoors in nature.

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I can’t wait to hear about your vision for your day!!

let's chat about your day!