DIY Faux Elopement Bouquet | It’s Easier than you Think!

  1. Tali says:

    I love this! You did such a beautiful job with the bouquet and the steps are so easy to follow. I am making my own faux bouquet for my elopement and this is such a great resource. ☺️ It’s also a great reminder to look into the different regulations around brining plants into different areas to make sure that you are following LNT!

  2. Meg says:

    This is such a great idea! Leave no trace principles are essential, and it’s great that you communicate that and what couples can do instead. You are spot on – anyone can have a bouquet consist of the colors they want no matter what time of year they get married. The links that you’ve provided are so convenient as well, and the bouquet you’ve made here is gorgeous! Thank you for putting this together!

  3. Wow – what a clever and sustainable idea! Not only is this an awesome tutorial for DIY elopement bouquets, but also for your home or seasonal decorations! These silk florals photographed so perfectly and are probably much easier to pack for a location!

  4. Rita says:

    WOW! Omg , if you did not tell me these are faux flowers, i would have never guessed! They all look amazing! YOu’re so awesome in making bouquets wow!

  5. Wow! it is so amazing. I love the way how you make bouquets <3

  6. Becs ?✨ P. says:

    Where was this when I was getting eloped!!! I hated hobby lobby options!

  7. Dakotah says:

    It’s amazing how real a faux floral bouquet can look and with new rules at so many locations having this option is so helpful!

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